Strategic and Technical Consulting Services

We provide information security consulting services that range from information security and risk management strategy development to technical penetration testing and digital forensics services aimed to enable customers at various verticals to understand business and technology threats and apply appropriate controls all within a framework of industry best practices based on international standards. 

We also offer specialized services in data protection and privacy, as well as business continuity consulting. Our team of experts has extensive experience in assisting clients in meeting regulatory requirements. We work with clients to design and implement appropriate data protection measures to safeguard sensitive data and protect their customers’ privacy. Our business continuity consulting services help clients develop plans to ensure continuity of critical business operations in the event of unexpected disruptions, such as natural disasters, cyberattacks, or system failures. 


Counsulting Services

Strategic Security Consulting
Strategic security consulting refers to a professional service that provides guidance and advice to individuals, organizations or governments on developing and implementing effective strategies to prevent, mitigate, and manage security threats and risks.
Technical Security Consultation
Security consultation is aimed at ensuring that technical security measures are properly designed, implemented, and managed to protect against potential security threats and risks.


SIEM Solution
to help organizations detect and respond to security incidents by collecting and analyzing security data from various sources, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and antivirus software. The solution provides a central console that enables security teams to monitor and analyze security alerts and events in real-time.
Network Detection & Response (NDR)
To help organizations improve their threat detection capabilities and reduce the time to detect and respond to security incidents. They can also help organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements by providing a comprehensive view of network activity and security incidents.
Network Broker
We provides a centralized location for managing and monitoring network traffic. It may perform functions such as packet filtering, load balancing, and traffic shaping to optimize network performance and ensure that network resources are used efficiently.
Vulnerability Management
Process of identifying, evaluating, and mitigating security vulnerabilities in systems, applications, and other IT assets.
Web Application Assessment
Process of evaluating the security of web applications to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.
Data Classification
Assigning data to different levels of security classification, such as public, internal, confidential, and highly confidential. This allows organizations to apply appropriate security controls and access restrictions based on the sensitivity of the data.
GRC Platform
Streamline and automate processes related to risk management, compliance management, and corporate governance. They provide a centralized location for managing all aspects of GRC activities, including policies, procedures, and controls.
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