Network Packet Broker Solution

A network packet broker (NPB) is a device that aggregates, filters, and manipulates network traffic for security and performance monitoring, it enables the monitoring of multiple traffic streams providing more efficient and cost-effective network visibility.

The main objective of implementing a network packet broker (NPB) is to improve network visibility and control.

ITSecurityC&T provides the expertise and resources to properly design, implement and maintain an NPB solution, including hardware and software components, based on the customer’s requirements.


Taking into account the complexity of implementing a network packet broker, implementation can be broken down into several phases, which include the following:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

As a result, this approach ensures that the implementation is successful and that the NPB meets the needs and requirements of the customer.


After ensuring that the NPB is deployed in a matter that meets the specific needs of the customer, such as network traffic filtering and forwarding rules, the below are delivered:

NPB solution configured
The NPB solution will be configured and installed to meet the organization’s specific network visibility needs.
Network Taps and SPAN ports integrated
The NPB solution will be integrated with all necessary data sources, such as network taps and SPAN ports, that provide network traffic to the NPB.
Traffic filtering and load balancing rules
Custom filtering and load balancing rules will be created to manage the distribution of network traffic to the intended tools.
Reports and dashboards
Customized reports and dashboards will be created to provide a clear view of network traffic utilization and performance.
Integration with monitoring tools
The NPB solution will be integrated with monitoring tools such as intrusion detection systems (IDS), data loss prevention (DLP), and network performance monitoring (NPM) tools.
User training and documentation
Users will be trained on how to use the NPB solution effectively, and documentation will be provided to support ongoing operations and maintenance.