Firewall Rules Review

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The objective of BCMS (Business Continuity Management System) consulting services is to help organizations develop and implement effective BCM programs that ensure the preservation of critical business functions and assets during and after unexpected events.

Description of the Service

Firewall rules review is an essential part of any organization’s security posture. It is a process of analyzing and validating the security rules that are applied to a firewall. This process helps identify any potential weaknesses or misconfigured rules that may lead to a security breach.

The firewall rules review process involves the review of all existing rules and provides recommendations for any misconfigured rules.

Services Objectives
Highlight the misconfigured firewall rules and the recommended changes for each one.
Highlights the weaknesses of the firewall system configuration and recommends remediation for each finding.
Our approach

Accessing the firewall and reviewing each rule created to understand the business need along with the security recommendations, research the firewall security benchmarks and best practices recommended by the vendors, security hardening guidelines, security research institutes, trustworthy security standards, and IT Security C&T experience in security practices.

Deliverables of the Services

Detailed report containing the misconfigured firewall rules and the recommended changes for each one, security weaknesses of the firewall system configuration, and the recommended remediation for each finding.